All our options are suitable for your preferences, age, group, economy .. The travel ball has an Android device, this allows you to navigate and understand the options of over 200 places in the world that we have contracted for you. There is no excuse, if you want to surprise your family and be original, we have your solution. Give HEREIAM. If you're decided, in less than three days you can receive your travell ball or into a center of 'El Corte Ingles'.


We work with Iberia and 'El Corte Ingles'. All flights are operated by this company, safe and with a special price for our travelers. You may choose from a wide range of destinations, as you and your companions make round the ball. If you are interested click here or call 345 672 321.

We show you photos of our travelers.


This blog is dedicated to all those travelers who want to take a special-trip gift for their best love relatives. This profile gives you access to all necessary information in a convenient, simple, fast and practical way. Just with a click you can get your ''Travelling Ball'' configured and ready to start your journey who with you decide.

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